Non lo so, fa lo stesso.” È la frase che probabilmente userei per descrivere Marianna. Non è che necessariamente non sappia, almeno non sempre.

Certe volte sente di sapere così tanto più degli altri che nella sua testa si agita una vocina sprezzante. “Come siete indietro”, vorrebbe dire. E aggiungerebbe volentieri che non hanno capito niente e dovrebbero assolutamente leggere questo o quello per cercare di recuperare. Invece si morde la lingua, stringe le labbra, e per qualche motivo che a me non è dato comprendere sceglie sempre di non farlo. Si trattiene. Sta sul ciglio, interviene a piccoli passi…


France’s relationship with Islam is deeply controversial. The country has experienced numerous devastating attacks which have torn apart the relationship between the State and Islamic communities, along with drastically questioning the State’s capacity to effectively grant inclusion and therefore fraternité among its citizens.

As for now, the Government doesn’t seem to have found its place between actually being coherent with the principle of laïcité, which frees the Republic from religion through a distinctive separation between the two, and not over-condemning the public display of religious symbols and clothing.

Article One of the French Constitution demands inseparability, secularity, and social democracy…

About April last year, after having casually seen a scene that looked intriguing, I watched Portrait of a Lady On Fire not knowing a single thing about Céline Sciamma. Just like many of us, I was enormously struggling to find some peace of mind, and I was also desperately trying to keep floating while being submerged by those hateful events we all know too well.

I went for it, and little did I know how deeply It was going to affect me.

I am often terrified to write about soul-stirring movies. I like to keep the sensations to myself, worrying…

There is a famous Dior linen and cotton white jersey that broke out at fashion shows in 2017. It was plain and simple, but it held an unmistakably strong message: “we should all be feminists”.

2017 Dior Spring Fashion Show - Jacopo Raule/Getty Images For Dior

The slogan was shown on catwalks following Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED talk that took place the same year, which was inspired by her 2014 essay on modern feminism that specifically highlights how the different teaching women receive (most of the time informally and from educators, peers or relatives) causes lack of courage in speaking out about their truth and needs, fearing they will be perceived…

Annie Ernaux, born in Lillebone in 1940, is one of France’s most prominent feminist writers.

October 1963. It’s oddly warm and humid in Rouen.

Annie is a 23-year-old literature student when she senses that something is out of place. Her period is late and she knows it. She’s pregnant. But she also knows straight away that she doesn’t want a baby. There’s no need to torment herself for weeks over her decision because it’s made before she even sees a gynecologist.

But abortion in France only became legal in 1975, so at the time she would have had to wait twelve years to legally stick to her choice.

In the autobiographical novel “Happening”, Annie draws…

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire (2019) Directed by Céline Sciamma

A camera running, shifting from close-ups on poignant visages to long traveling shots of ambients, is unmistakably and effectively a reflection of somebody’s vision. The spectators eagerly borrow another pair of eyes for an allocated period of time and immerse themselves in the art of pleasurably observing a series of images.

However, as mentioned in Laura Mulvey’s “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”, looking is gendered. Except for a few precious exceptions, the gaze actively and unchallenged reflects and portrays the language of the dominant patriarchal order. Thus, the majority of the features clearly embody the “male gaze”, which proposes an…

I have found great comfort in watching Fern (played by a superb Frances McDormand) stare at nature or even in just seeing her surrounded by such untamed beauty, as it is for me one of the very few ways in which I can finally put my mind to rest, stopping it from a continuous flow of thoughts which sometimes weigh down on me so heavily that I struggle to keep it all together.

Nature has its very own rhythm and when we reconcile ourselves with it, we feel an instant and vibrant sense of peace. …

She chose to wear those old and ripped jeans I’ve seen a thousand times before because in the end, she doesn’t really care if they look too old and consumed, she just wants to feel that kind of comfort and self-assurance only things you’ve been seen with for endless times can give.

She chucks her earphones in and starts walking while trying to shuffle through the songs, although she couldn’t tell which one she’s looking for. …

Ludovica V.

I wouldn’t say I am a writer, but I do write.

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